Top 10 Questions To Ask The Doctor About Cancer

When you visit a doctor to know more about cancer, it is better to ask the right questions, irrespective of the fact whether you are seeking a second opinion. These are the top ten questions that will help you understand more about cancer, types of cancer, treatment available, etc.

1. What is the purpose of diagnostic testing?

Patients who do not know anything about the disease should know the purpose of testing and what will be the results of the same. The diagnosis is very critical as it helps the doctor to determine the treatment plan for the patient. Patients should even ask the accuracy of the diagnosis to the concerned specialist.

2. What does my diagnostic testing reveal?

You should know what does your diagnosis reveals. This will help you understand cancer in a better way and seek opinion from other specialists as well. You should be aware of the tumor and its origination, size, stage, etc. Complete knowledge makes you better equipped to fight the disease.

3. What treatments are available?

With growth in research and technology, there are a number of cancer treatment options available to cancer patients. Hence, instead of taking a particular treatment for granted, the patient should enquire about various options available.

4. What do you recommend?

There are a number of treatment options available to treat cancer. You should seek recommendations from the doctor and even ask the reasons for a particular recommendation. However, the final decision is up to you. Seek second opinion for a better approach.

5. What if the treatment does not work for me?

A patient should check with the doctor about the treatment and its progress. You should be adaptive to treat cancer. However, it might happen that a particular treatment does not suit you. Ask the doctor if there is an alternative available and the chances of curing the cancer through it.

6. Are there any side effects of the chosen treatment?

There are pros and cons to every treatment. Hence, the doctor should be asked about the side effects well in advance. The response of the treatment varies from person to person. This helps the patient to stay prepared for everything that the treatment entails.

7. How many patients have you treated?

It is the right of the patient to ask the cancer specialist about the success rate of his treatments and the number of patients that he / she has treated in the past. The patient should ask the doctor about the number of patients who were at the same stage as him / her and were cured.

8. Where will all the appointments take place?

The location of the facility where all the appointments and tests take place is important. It should be accessible by the patient so that there is no delay in the treatment.

9. How will the doctor balance the treatment with routine life?

The doctor should personalize the treatments for cancer depending upon the lifestyle of the patient. Even the patient is required to make some adjustments.

10. Are there any support groups available?

The support groups of people who are going through similar treatments and emotional state of mind helps a person normalize his lifestyle and recover in a better way.