Floaters Treatment

The eye disorder known as Floaters entails the appearance of floating shapes in the vision path of those suffering from it. It is the formation of small clusters of tissues or cells which are produced in the Vitreous gel which is a part of the internal cavity of the eye. The shapes seem to be floating in the front portion of the eyes however; it is actually found to be floating inside the Vitreous gel and is actually observed as the reflection cast on the retina of the eyes.

In case of rapid and sudden development of such shapes in the form of dots or circles or lines, there is a lot of raising concern which needs to be paid immediate attention, as it marks the severity of the case. However, it is also stated that it is a part of the normal ageing process for most people.


One of the major causes of Floaters is the small bits of fragments which are observed to be floating in the Vitreous gel inside the eye. They can be seen in the front portion of the retina and the lens. The inside surface on the back side of the eye is lined by the sensitive light tissue known as the Retina. The vitreous gel is a clear substance which covers the space in the centre most portion of the eyeball. It is constituted of 99% water and 1 % of various other substances which helps it attain the Vitreous shape.

Ageing naturally is another cause of this disorder to occur. The occurrence of Floaters is dependent on the changes in your eyes with gradual increase in your age. It can also be caused due to retinal tear.

Signs & Symptoms

One of the most prominent signs of Floaters is that one can notice them all the time. You can observe them to drift apart slowly as you stare at one particular object or into an empty space. They mostly appear to be grey and seem to be semi transparent. You can see them move faster as you try to see in various directions. They can be noticed prominently when you look at objects which have light coloured appearance. Floaters can be clearly seen if one looks at a white coloured wall or up in the sky. Most of them are small in size sparing one or two which may seem to be bigger in size. The smaller ones move out of your vision path faster.


Regular eye examination from your optician is the best way to keep a track such disorders. However, Floaters does not cause much harm to your vision. The eye specialist will examine your eyes for any potential signs and symptoms and check out for any given medical history with regard to any previous eye injury or eye surgery you have previously gone under.


There are no specific eye drops or ointments which can cure Floaters. Mostly regular eye check-ups are recommended to keep a track of its severity. A surgery by the name of Vitrectomy is performed to replace the Vitreous gel in the eyes along with the floating fragments and use a saline solution instead.


This disorder cannot be prevented since it is a part of the gradual ageing process.